What Point and Shoot Cameras Have Over DSLR

A point and shoot camera is the choice of many consumer digital camera users, and for good reason. These little electronic computers generally have their closest cousin, the DSLR, beat in these three areas: • Size and Weight • Price • Ease of Use 1) Size and Weight Most point and shoot digital camera users like the light weight and small size due to the fact that they like to carry their camera in a shirt pocket, pants pocket or in a purse or man bag. That is just not possible with a DSLR or compact digital camera as most require a dedicated camera bag or carried over the shoulder by a camera strap. But for the occasional shooter, if their camera is big and bulky, they most likely will not carry it with them and consequently miss some great shots. With a footprint of generally around 3.75” x 2.25”, less than 1” thick, and weighing in at less than 8 ounces, point and shoots can be the perfect choice when size and weight are factors. 2) Price The second most popular reason is price. Many consumer digital camera users may only use their cameras occasionally while at parties, on vacation or at family functions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, etc. Generally, they don’t want to tie up a lot of money in something they may only use once-in-awhile. Here again, the point and shoot digital camera is the clear winner. With most of these cameras costing less than $500, they are a great buy for what you get, need and most likely use. 3) Ease of Use Besides size/weight and price, probably the biggest reason people choose a point and shoot camera is for the simplicity and ease of use. With only occasional shooting, it is hard to remember what you have to do with a DSLR or compact digital camera to get the photos you want. But with these little gems, they do most of the work for you, but yet still have many of the requested user-adjustable features, such as: • white balance • aperture • shutter speed • ISO • image stabilization • exposure compensation • flash For those wanting to exercise their creativity, they can, while others that are fine with the camera making their selections for them can also get great photos while set on Program, Auto or any of the other scene-specific modes, including: • beach • snow • night • fireworks • face detection • backlit • and whole host of others While making the decision to buy a point and shoot digital camera can be easy, brand and model selection can be more difficult. However before shopping, define what you need based on the three benefits in this article. That will narrow your field down to a manageable group for the rest of the selection process.


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